Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mini Haul of Herbacin Products from Watsons SG

Herbacin is from Germany, and all the products have become known for tradition and experience of natural cosmetics.

I happened to see it in Watson @ Anchor Point SG last week. I believe it's just newly launched in Singapore. I'm aware about this brand few years ago, but there was no retail in Singapore. Finally I have chance to try out their famous hand cream and lip balm, so I chose one each from the different series.

This lip balm is from the "wuta kamille green line" series. It stated in the official website as below:

"Herbacin lip balm with natural ingredients
Effective protection and gentle care for sensitive lips
Herbacin lip balm contains valuable pure vegetable oils and active ingredients of organically grown camomile. Makes lips noticeably soft and smooth, provides reliable protection and helps prevent dehydration. The moisturizing ingredients ensure lips are taken care of naturally." 

It looks just normal like all the generic lip balm tube design. The stick  is in yellow with kind of sweet scent, I'm not sure whether it's camomile or not, because I'm not really know what does natural camomile smell like.

When I applied it on my lip, it surprised me because normal lip balm in stick shape turns to be thick and greasy, but I feel very smooth and not sticky at all. It could keep my lip moisturized for 3 to 4 hours.

This is my lip with a thin layer of the lip balm only, it could make my lip look moisturized but not very shinny at all.

I would give it a 4.5/5, just because I prefer all my skin care products with no fragrance added.

The other product I bought is a hand and nail cream from "wuta kamille white line" series.

Introduction from the official website:

The fast-absorbing and highly effective lotion with the properties and combination of ingredients of hand and skin care cream.
Dermatologist tested, minimum addition of fragrances. 

It's white color cream, but feels light and watery if you massage it over your hand. I will give it a 3/5 because the smell is still too strong for me and it's a bit too light if I use it overnight in air-conditioning room. 

I think I will try out the hand cream in tin package, it might be thicker than this one. Let me know if you tried it before.

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Here is another finding at the same Watson outlet, Hada Labo (肌研), a famous Japaneses brand, which is also newly launched in Singapore. 

I tried their most famous product, face lotion before, but don't really like it, it's too sticky for my combination skin, using in such hot and humid place. But my mum likes the whitening face lotion a lot.   


  1. I was interested in seeing the Hada range. In fact, I was looking for a moisturiser but I got confused within all the products. Now that you say it's too sticky, I think I may look for an alternative...

  2. Hi Tracy, see the sample on the top? U better go and try first. I believe it's not my cup of tea but might be yours. : )


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