Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lunasol 2010 Limited Edition: Toff & Loadstone Collection Kit

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Lunasol is going to release their 2010 limited "Toff & Loadstone" Collection Kit on 11 June 2010.  (about USD113)

This collection kit includes:
  • Eyeshadow quad EX01 (Sheer Gold Collection)Eyeliner EX02 (Gold Brown)
  • Lip gloss  N EX14 (Sheer Beige)
  • Lipstick G EX03 (Neutral Beige)
  • A pouch designed by "Toff and Lodestone"

I love this eyeshadow palette very much,  it looks so beautiful. At first I thought it is a bit similar to Lunasol Star Shower 02 Medium Night, after comparing the two pictures,  both of them have dark green tone base, but this new palette is more on greenish gold and brown. 

But I don't know whether I have chance to get this collection kit or not, as in store booking (start from May 22 (Sat) is only available in four department stores in Japan:



You can find more info from here.


  1. Are you getting this kit? The price is kind of off putting though :[

  2. Hi Blair,
    I was totally attracted by this kit. Yah, the price is not lovely at all. I'm still not sure whether I should ask my cousin who stays at Osaka reserve it for me or not. Shall I....? Shall I....?!
    I visited your blog and glad to know you love Lunasol too! ^_^


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