Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EOTD- Majolica Majorca Trick on Powder Eyeshadow GR750

Majolica Majorca introduced it’s Trick On Palettes in Spring 2008. They extended the line to include two new colors for the Fall 2008, GR750 and BR751. 

Top Left: pale pinky beige with subtle pearly shimmer
Top Right: medium-toned khaki green with iridescent shimmer
Bottom Left: dark inky blue with fine shimmer
Bottom Right: ivory with micro-fine glitter

Swatches of this palette:

Products I used for this EOTD:

  • Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palette GR750
  • Andrea false lashes: #33
  • M.A.C gel eyeliner: black track
  • M.A.C eyeliner pencil
M.A.C gel eyeliner: black track

Here is the HOW-TO:

The final look: 


  1. Wow, you did an amazing EOTD with the palette!
    The colors turned out so intense and shimmery... love it!

    Wished, I were so skilled, hehe...

  2. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for visiting our blog, we are so excited that you become our follower ^_^

    Believe me, your makeup skill is already very good and we love your blog!

  3. It looks soooo stunning! I wish I was so talented at applying makeup! I just make a mess on my eyelids. I always blame my eyes, because ther'es not lid space and blahblah. I think really, I'm just crap at it xD

    And I love your falsies too!

  4. Hi Jian, I believe both practice and makeup tools are important for a beautiful makeup. Anyway, u looks so cute! Thanks for your compliment.

  5. This is stunning. I really must try this look when I use this palette. Thanks for the idea.:)

  6. Thanks for visiting our blog, monaiyra.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!! (: whr can i get Andrea false lashes: #33 ? how much is it? are u able to email me at pls? (:

  8. Hi, I got it from a falsies spree, which is quite long time ago... Maybe you can check whether there are on going false lashes sprees from local beauty forums. :D

  9. i've this eye palette as well.. didn't know that this can achieve such a stunning look ! i'm WOW-ed (:

  10. Your EOTD is VERY pretty!!!


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