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Makeup brush review: Hakuhodo collection

If you are a brush fan, you MUST have at least one hakuhodo brush.
 - beauty on the way

We started to collect Hakuho-do brushes since 2009..We ordered the first batch from Hakuho-do's Japan official website, and received them 2 weeks later. 

Before we placed order, the price almost stopped us, but we were so attracted by the gorgeous vermilion handles and decided to go for some popular ones.  After we received them, then we know what we are paying for, the brushes are absolutely stunning! The workmanship is brilliant in terms of the quality of the brush hair, the color and painting of the handle, as well as the 24K gold coated ferrule.

Official website:
Great news: you can order brushes from its US website, which provides flat international shipping.  

The S-series brushes are made of natural hair which is very soft but dense and firm, such that they can get the appropriate amount of powder and distribute the products evenly. The handle is made of wood and colored in beautiful vermilion, a traditional Japanese color.

Price: US$ 72
Hair Type :Goat (Sokoho)

It's one of the best seller of Hakuhodo brushes and also the first choice if you just start to collect Hakuhodo brushes.
You can use the brush for powdering, contouring and finishing. I mainly use it for loose powder. It's very very soft, and feels like ' the wind is kissing ur face....'

Price: US$ 105
Hair Type :Blue Squirrel

The code of the brush is 105 and the price is also 105. :D
It's a powder brush, which is even softer than S100. But I prefer S100 to S105 because S105 is little bit small for the whole face. 

Price: US$ 46
Hair Type :Goat(Sokoho)

Oh, S110... After I got my S110, I laid aside my M.A.C blush brushes....
It's just perfect for highly pigmented NARS blushers. 
What I found out later was that MakeUpShow (MUS) H02 is actually a lovely replacement for S110. It is also more affordable than S110 (review here).

Price: US$ 38

Hair Type :Goat (Sokoho)

It's a highlight brush, which is similar to the limited edition of M.A.C #165. I like S113 more than #165 because it's made of smoother & firm bristles.

Price: US$ 32

Hair Type :Tamage
(hmmm.... What is Tamage???)

S134 is one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes, which has the similar shape of M.A.C #239. It's a little bit pricky for #239, while S134 is much softer. If you only wanna get one eyeshadow brush, then just go for S134. You'll never regret getting it.

Price: US$ 27

Hair Type : Blue Squirrel

S142 is a blending brush, which is used to blend the harsh edges of your eyeshadow evenly and smoothly. The shape is similar to M.A.C #222 and  #224, but #224 is more fluffy.

Price: US$ 60
Hair Type :Blue Squirrel/Goat 

The lovely small fan brush is for loose powders too. It is perfect to put into your makeup pouch, and it is as soft as other Hakuho-do brushes :D

Tha's all for today, 
hope you guys like the pictures, 
which took me a lot of time, 
but I enjoyed doing it.

This is not the end of the reviews for Hakuhodo brushes...
More coming up.......


  1. WOW you girls are HARDCORE makeup fans! I don't think I'd be able to part with that much money for brushes T____T

    But they do sound heavenly!!

  2. can say we are HARDCORE brushes collector too. Hakuhodo brushes are really pricey, but once you own one you will never regret it.

    It's more on collection than physically using it for us. We use MakeUpShow brushes more often.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. it's so pleasurable to see your new collection of HAKUHODO brushes. they are so delicate and just worthwhile to have a set as a work of art. but comparing to the MAKEUPSHOW brushes, of which brand the hair is softer and more comfortable? i happened to collect a set of ELF brushes, much cheaper, yet most of which turn out to be as soft as one of my MAKEUPSHOW brush 18b02, made of squirrel hair and goat hair. much blah...but undoubtedly, i m so eager to read more about your review on HAKUHODO brushes.

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting our blog. Actually this is not our new collection, we got them last year, it's just our first review on them.

    We never tried ELF or 18B02, we only have a set of brush from MAKEUPSHOW high-end serious at the moment.

    The blush brush H02 is made of squirrel with no goat hair. I think that might be the reason we found it very good and worth to try.

    I think it's a bit difficult to compare HAKUHODO and MAKEUPSHOW brushes. It's just like comparing a BMW with a Toyota car? Everybody knows BMW is good but not everyone could afford to have one, so the alternative choice will be an economic and also comfortable Toyota car.

  6. thanks so much for this review! i was looking for a thorough review of hakuhodo. can't wait to pick these up at IMATS!

  7. Hi!!

    Do you know which one is similar to MAC 217 brush??


  8. Hi, here is Hakuhodo English website, you can check it out and find what you need.
    I'm not very sure which one is similar to MAC 217, but I think S142 should have similar function with MAC 217.

  9. Bragging much. I think its ridiculous to say that you threw away your mac brushes after buying these brushes. You will get the readers a wrong direction of buying make up brushes. Its like comparing Chanel with Prada. If youre unaware Hakuhodo they are the makers for MAC brushes, these brushes are their signature brushes(own line). They're both incredibility good brushes.

  10. Hi, we just do brush review base on our true feeling, we don't care what brand it is. It's not true both are equally good just because they are from same maker.
    If you have chance to try Hakuhodo and MAC brushes, then u know what I'm talking about.
    We never say MAC is no good, we just think Hakuhodo is better.

    We would like to recommend good stuffs to our readers. Like we've been using MakeUpShow brushes pretty much recently, as they are very good and much affordable brushes too.

    That's what we want to say, please leave us alone if you don't agree with us, you can't force everyone to agree what you believe.
    Thanks for stopping by our blog anyway.

  11. I am so obsessed with Hakuhodo brushes now. My favourite line is kokutan series. I do agree they are expensive ( but there are high end brushes which are of same price ) but they are worth every penny you spend. I was never a fan of MAC brushes and I really wonder why some people feel they are the best o.O ( they are missing out..I think lol)

  12. Thanks for your detailed review!
    I'm very interested in the tamage eye shadow brush, but it's not available on the USA site, I wonder how did you get from their Japan site?? As the site wrote that they ship only to Japan.... is that under special request?

    I'm so so obsessed with Hahuhodo brushes as well, got a Kokutan blush brush (powder brush S, blue squirrel & synthetic F), a small Kokutan pointed pencil brush (eye shadow T) and a portable powder brush (mix goat & blue squirrel), they are all hea~ven~ly~~~ soft and the craftmanship is splendid!! definitely worth ever penny, I put my Armani brushes away too =p

  13. Hi, I ordered the brushes from the Japan site and shipped to my Japan "personalized" address, and then Singapore post will consolidate all the packages and ship back to Singapore. Vpost is very convenient for us to shop at USA, Japan website who does not support international shipping service.

  14. I see~~ thank you!

  15. Love this review! Keep up the good work!

  16. I finally got myself some Hakuhodo brushes! I'm so bowled over by the softness of their brushes that I went out and got myself a couple more. :p

    Actually, not all their brushes are pricey. The eyeshadow brushes that the SAs recommended me are (imo) very reasonably-priced (S$20++) given the superb quality.

    By the way, do you wash the brushes before you use them for the first time?

  17. Hannah, you are right, not all the hakuhodo brushes are expensive, especially basic series, but some brushes from kokutan and S100 series are really pricey, it can go up to USD140+ per piece.

    It's better and safer to wash all the brushes before first time use, there might be some dirt or color residue on the brush hair, you never know.

  18. Do you like the s100? Can you use it for liquid foundations?

  19. tamage is cat hair, just in case you're still wondering?=DDD


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