Monday, May 17, 2010

Lunasol Geminate Eyes Ruby vs. Blooming Eyes Pink Gradation

Before reading the article below, can you tell which palette was used on which eye, ruby or pink gradation?  Which one you prefer, right eye or left eye?

It's interesting and also necessary to do comparisons for similar eyeshadow palettes, in terms of swatches or EOTD. It will be easier to visualize the differences between similar palettes and also convenient for gals who are mind-struggling with choosing them.

There always a pink palette for most of the Lunasol collection. Her we are going to compare two pink tone eyeshadow palette Geminate eye 05 Ruby and Blooming eye 01 pink gradation. 

Review of Ruby palette is here
Comparison between Ruby and  Nars Kuala Lumper is here.

Detailed swatches of Pink Gradation is here.

In general, ruby looks more intense and more pigmented than pink gradation.

Compare the darkest eyeliner color:
Ruby is burgundy red with subtle shimmering, while pink gradation is warm brown with tiny glitter.

The main color of pink gradation is shimmery soft light pink, and ruby has darker luminous pink.
Ruby has a shinning light pink glittery center color while pink gradation does have. 

To show how different these two palettes look on eyes, we tried two different palettes on left and right eyes at the same time. 
What we use for the EOTD:
  • Face: Chantecaille compact makeup
  • Mascara: Majolica Majorica
  • Eye Primer: Too faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI)
  • Makeup Brushes:
    • M.A.C #217, #239
    • MakeUpShow (MUS) H06, H10, H13 
    EOTD: Lunasol  Geminate Eyes 05 Ruby

    EOTD:  Blooming Eyes 01 Pink Gradation 

    We applied the brown shade on lower eyelid.  

    Left eye: Ruby VS. Right eye: Pink gradation

    The difference is not very obvious but still enough to tell,  ruby is more vivid and pink gradation is more elegant. If ruby can be described as a hot topical beach party girl, pink gradation will be the girl next door.....

    Pink gradation is more suitable for fair skin than darker skin, if you want a natural daily look, just go for it! 

    As we asked in the beginning of this article, which one YOU prefer, left or right??


    1. Beautiful eyes!

      Prefer Geminate Eyes Ruby, XD

    2. Beautiful eyes, decent skills!

      also like both of them~.~

    3. Yes Ceecile, all the Lunasol pink palettes are very beautiful, worth to try.

    4. I preferred pink graduation!

      May I request a review of Chantecaille compact makeup, please? I'd like to know how it holds up in SG weather!

    5. Sure, we will do a review of Chantecaille compact makeup later.
      Thanks for visiting our blog ^_^


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