Friday, May 21, 2010

Haul from Shiseido Sale 2010

Shiseido local distributor holds their bi-yearly sales again. It's so weird that people just queuing and squeezing like crazy in their conference room of the main office. Lucky we reached there early yesterday, it was not too crowed yet, but after we came out, the queue for entrance was already like 10 meters away. 

Her are our loots from the sales:

We went the same sales last year, that's why we know what we are heading for, yes....Cle De Peau. It's really a good bargain for all the CDP products. It's only less than 1/3 of the retail price. 

S$48, retail price around S$180 for below loose powder:

This is the item we've been targeting for, we got this loose powder last year and we all love it so much, one of my friends just put her Crème de la Mer loose powder away after she tried CDP we gave to her. I did a review as well as a comparison with Givenchy loose powder HERE before.

CDP eyeshadow palettes 09 & 21:
S$50, retail price around S$110

CDP gentle balancing lotion: S$75

CDP makeup base, 10ml trail size: S$10
Retail 30ml, above S$100 


We did not get anything from other brands there, since CDP is one of our most favorite makeup brands at the moment.

It's really tedious to go to cosmetic sales in Singapore, but we feel really happy and satisfied if we get what we want ^_^


  1. I was there, now I hate myself for not hauling on the cdp loose powder as I was so afraid the color will not siuit me since it's pinklish..

  2. Hi Sizbelle,

    The loose powder is translucent, suitable for all Asian skin color, it's a very good loose powder, fine, silky with good oil control power.

    My friends and I are all love it. I'm using one and bought another one for back up, haha.

    You may try to go again today.

  3. awww i din have time to drop by for another trip.. hating myself for missing this great deal!!

  4. i meant shiseido sale, which i knew u would definitely get to buy the loose powder since u've highly i wish i were there!drooling for ur hauls.anyway, thx for ur fine pics...and plz plz do some reviews on the es.looking forward to ur report^^

  5. Hi,sizbelle, the next shiseido sale should be around this Dec. :D

  6. Haha, perles des mers, you know me so well. We are still waiting for the luxasia sale, should be quite worth to go.:D Sure, we will do reviews, swatches and EOTD of CDP e/s.

  7. is the next shiseido sale confirm?

  8. Hi, the coming Shiseido Sale has been confirmed: 24-25 Nov, 2010, 10am - 8pm. 1 Grange Road, Orchard Building. #12-01


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