Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review: Chantecaille Compact Makeup (updated)

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Update on apply Chantecaille Compact Powder by using powder brush.

I used my MakeUpShow H01 Powder brush to apply Chantecaille Compact Powder in this morning. My face did look much better than using the original sponge. I think the reason is brush picks up less powder so that my face did not look powdery and it can apply the powder more evenly than sponge. 

Xian also tried her Hakuhodo S100 angled finishing brush to apply this powder today. You know what, I asked her "are you sick?" the first moment when I saw her yesterday, she said no, but her face looked so dull, especially the T-zone area. She has combination skin type by the way. I passed her a mirror and she said "Oh my god, I just used my Chantecaille powder 'bamboo', I didn't see clearly when I rushed out, oh no.......I picked up the wrong color........". And she kept complaining she looked like dead the whole day, so funny. 
Today she looked much much better than yesterday, the color  'Bamboo' matched her skin quite well. 

So my conclusion is for combination to oily skin, use powder brush to apply this Chantecaille compact powder is much better than using the original sponge and it gives you natural transparent look with light coverage.

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My friend J has been using this Chantecaille compact foundation for several months and she highly recommended this to me and other friends, so 3 of us ended up ordered 3 pieces during 15% off promotion from saks fifthavenue last month.

Introduction from official website:
  • Ultra-smooth, ultra-fine powder foundation creates a matte, modern finish
  • New technology with vegetable protein and phospholipids protects against irritation
  • Keeps skin soft and hydrated, diminishing lines
  • Polyphenols of green apple help prevent aging and damage from UVA/UVB rays
  • Galvanized nickel compact with mirror, sponge and navy fabric pouch

Indoor with Flash:

Close-up view, indoor under sunlight:

(image is from

We got 3 different colors as 3 of us have different skin tone:
Petal: the lightest color among total 8 colors, in pink tone.
Peach: second lightest pink tone.
Bamboo: second lightest yellow tone. (Shell is lightest yellow tone)

The silver case is adorable and looks very elegant. It comes with a sponge at bottom compartment, so it's very easy to bring out for quick touch up.

From the picture above you can see that the powder compact is actually very thin although the case is quite thick. The powder itself only weights .35oz 10g but total cost USD58, quite pricey.

Below is the review from my friend J, who has fair and dry skin with a little bit freckles at under eye area. She is using "Petal".
The powder is super fine, it does not appear to be powdery on my face. It's very light and looks like bare skin without any makeup on but yet give me some radiance with medium coverage. 

Review from myself (I'm using "Patel" too):
Mine is combination skin without freckles but a bit acne scars. My skin is fair but always appear red as it's very sensitive. I found it's a bit difficult to apply it evenly by using the sponge provided, and also a bit caky and powdery at my T-zone area. May try to use powder brush to apply it next time (will update it later).

The color is too pale at the beginning, but after one hour or so, it merges with my skin tone and looks more natural.

It does not control oil very well, at least not good as my CDP loose powder.

Chantecaille Compact Makeup works much better on dry skin type than combination or oily skin. 
For oily skin, liquid foundation and loose powder will still be a better choice.


  1. Hi Fuzkittie,

    I'm so happy that you visited our blog.
    I've been reading your blog and watching your youtube for one year or so as an anonymous. haha....Really enjoyed!

    Hope you like our blog too!

  2. Thanks for the review! I can't bring myself to buy anthing Chantecaille..not here at least! Too expensive in this country!!!!!!!!!!!! T____T

  3. Hi Jian,

    We ordered from the U.S website mentioned above, still can consider it after 15% discount, about 35 pounds I think.

  4. Anyway, there are plenty of powder compacts to choose. I don't really recommend it if you have combination to oily skin too.

  5. Thanks girls!

    I'm terrified of being charged import tax on things from overseas though. I bought two hoodies from A&F a while back, and got charged like $40 USD in tax!!!! But thanks for letting me know anyway. After I read your reviews I did think it wasn't good for my type of skin!

  6. Wow, the tax is really quite a lot! We normally don't get charged tax unless the total cost exceeds SGD400 dollars.

  7. Great reviews! I think all of those are probably a bit too pink for my liking, except maybe Bamboo, but they look so pretty in the compacts!

  8. Hi Musicalhouses,

    Yes, indeed. We bought this compact mainly because of the beautiful packaging.

    I think 'Bamboo' is a bit dark for you, 'shell' might be better for you.

  9. I was the reader who requested this review, so many thanks for this! Although I must say this has successfully killed my lemming for it because I have combination skin. (: It was good to find out, nonetheless!

  10. Hi, you are welcome!
    I thought I would love this compact too, but it's not as good as I expected.
    But my friend who has dry skin still prefer this than the rest.

  11. Really Nice review. Thanks for sharing with us.


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