Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review - L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum

I'm always concerned about lashes falling off after rubbing my eyes and after using eye makeup remover.When I saw this L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum (intensive boost for a renewal lash look) launched in Watson, I grabbed it without second thought.

It supposes to be applied twice a day. In the morning before mascara and at night before sleep. But I didn't use it twice a day, I use it at night after my skin care routine. But on some lazy days, I simply forgot to use it. >_<

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lunasol Summer 2010 Swatches: EX02 Nature Summer Beige

Beach in the summer, with golden sand and soft wind....

I got this Lunasol Nature Summer Beige palette yesterday, it is from Lunasol Summer 2010 collection. It's a natural beige palette with beautiful shimmery, suitable for daily natural look.

Introduction from Lunasol website:

The moment the four-color eye shadow palette is opened, sensations of sun-soaked seas and a dazzling sandy beach are released.
Layered colors adorn the gaze in tonal gradations with a moist luster, bestowing the final touches to elegantly composed summery eyes with delicate shades.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Scholl QttO Gradual Compression Stockings for Sleeping

Local store Watson launched this Scholl QttO Gradual Compression Stockings for Sleeping about one month ago. It claims that "gradual compression while sleeping, for instant lighter & slimmer looking legs the next day!" OMG, who can resist the word "slimmer looking legs" if you think your legs are not perfect enough. What's why I bought it and I have been wore it for a month.

It's selling at Watson @ SGD46.9, about 34USD. It's quite pricey for a pair of stoking I think. I still decided to give it a try since it's from UK brand Scholl, which is famous on all the footwear products.

The concept of this sleeping stocking is based on compression therapy. It supports the entire leg with low compression levels, which are set in accordance with the UK's pressure standards. Ideal for relief of tired, swollen legs, while achieving toned and slimmer looking legs. My legs always get swollen in the late afternoon and I can feel my shoes become very tight. I don't really believe my legs will get slimmer but I just hoped it can help to relief my swollen legs.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OPI "Shrek Forever After" Collection & ORLY Witch's Blue

OPI "Shrek Forever After" Collection launched in May 2010 with six lovely colors. I end up chose the two lightest colors from this collection.

What’s With The Cattitude?: a sky blue creme
Rumple’s Wiggin': a soft lilac purple

I almost couldn't resist all the pastel shades. They just look awesome!

Below pictures shown 3 layers with top coat, indoor without flash.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vivi Inspired EOTD - Ice Blended

Every beginning of the month, I have several must-buy magazines, such as Vivi, Mina, Queen, Ray, Her world and etc. Most of the time I would get them from a small book store near my house, because magazines are very heavy... :D

This is the cover page of Vivi 2010 July Issue. Wow, those cover girls are so pretty!!

This is one of the FOTD in this issue, named "Ice Blended". I like this eye mu very much...

I copied this eye MU, products used:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wonder Eyelid Tape - The First Try

I have double eyelids, but when my eyes are fully open, it looks like monolids. Only if I raise my eyebrows, then can see my double lid. People call it 'hidden double eyelids'. My double eyelids are not very stable, sometimes they appear wider when I wake up, sometimes they just turn out to be monolids.

I used to wear the traditional double lid tape if my eyelids are not in good condition in the morning. Those tapes are able to create a perfect shape of double lids, but somehow looks unnatural. Moreover, I always got trouble with applying eyeshadow with those tapes on. 

Here is how it looks. It's so obvious that everybody knows I'm wearing double eyelid tape, without looking close to my eyes.. -_-|||

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