Thursday, May 20, 2010

EOTD: Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box - Honey & Fishnet

Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box is a very colorful palette, which you can create many different EOTDs with different color combination.

We did a EOTD with two blue colors: Ransom and peace (here).

Enaj requested for an EOTD with combination of two colors "Honey" and "Fishnet", she would like to see how these two colors (golden and purple) could turn out if use them together. I'm curious too. :D

What I used for EOTD:

- Urban Decay deluxe shadow box
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI)
- Mac gel eyeliner : blacktrack
- A set of eyeshadow brushes
- False lashes :Ardell #110

It's a very interesting combination.
I tried this look with two different contact lens:

The look with brown contacts:

 The look with blue-gray contacts:


  1. It's absolutely beautiful! Good job guys!! =)I'm assuming both of you did it xD

  2. Awesome! The colors are super vibrant!

  3. so envy that u've got quite a skilled hand on e/s and geeee... an amazing pair of eyes! i have to admit that's why i stay tuned on this site for your update....but forgive my curiousness,would you please share with us ur loot from the sales recently? so eager to check out my superheroine's got for her artisan display.

  4. Haha.....Jian thanks, this was done by Xian herself alone. She's very good at playing with colors.

  5. Thanks Jess. Yah, indeed, those colors are so bright and rich that we couldn't use them for daily makeup.

  6. Hi perles des mers,

    Thanks for your compliment.
    Sorry. which sales you are referring to?

  7. Ahh you guys are so confusing T___T You must be like bestest friends ever? xD

    Nontheless, it's still BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Actually I think it'd help if you posted under different names? It kind of helps to make everything clearer..if you know what I mean?

  8. Hi Jian,

    The reason we decided to manage this blog together is because we have a lot of same interests, not only in cosmetics, but fashion, shopping, photo shooting, eating.

    We have very similar taste on fashion, we always go shopping together, can you believe that we have more than 3 pairs of same shoes and also same clothes, just in different size only. ^_^

    Sometimes, while Xian is taking photos and doing post-processing work, I can help to write the content. And we also invite other friends help us to do comparison of eye makeup, share our thought.

    This blog is not only for recording one's life but share our interests, knowledge and passion about cosmetics and fashion, it really doesn't matter who is doing which part of it.

    We think we are perfect partner for "Beauty On The Way", hope you like it also. ^_^

  9. Aahhhh I see, so it's a completely joint effort! Well, you guys seem to work seamlessly. At first I thought you were one person, but I guess it did feel a bit weird considering you refer to yourself as "we", and then it made sense!

  10. Oh you did it! Thanks :) I'm so inspired by what you've achieved and shared here. These two shades look so elegant together dont you think? I cant wait to try on myself.

    Can I know if you need a contour shade on the lid? I kinda imagine now with honey and fishnet and my lids may end up looking flat. But you did a fantastic job there. Love it.

  11. Pretty! I'm going to buy this palette with my Christmas money.


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