Friday, May 7, 2010

April: 8 Finished Skin Care Products

I finished above 8 skin care products before end of April, from left to right, they are:

1, Estee Lauder Optimizer, Pore Minimizing Boosting Lotion (30ml sample)

Smell: I love the fresh smell of this lotion, it contains purified black bamboo extract,which is to keep skin calm and hydrated.

Texture: Milky viscous liquid lotion, between water and gel.  

Pros: Feels very slippery smooth on skin, and better hydrated my skin than normal water toner/lotion. It's more like a light weight serum so I skipped serum in the morning sometimes.

Cons: Although I love the smell of this lotion, but since my skin is sensitive I still prefer fragrance-free lotion.
Pores size was observed smaller because of good moisturizing effect, but returned to the same once stop using it.

Repurchase: Yes, I have already bought a full size bottle from duty free shop last month.

2&3, Cellex-C Sensitive Serum Two Step Starter Kit

I did a review of this starter kit HERE two weeks after I started to use them. And now I love them more than before.

Pros: 15ml was just nice for two months' usage, because you just need 1-2 drops  for every application. I found my skin condition was very stable recently, no breakouts, less shinny T-zone as well as skin radish was relieved.

Cons: It's a bit pricey, 94USD for the set. Also not easy to buy, have to order online.

Repurchase: Yes, but I will wait and order them during online promotion next time.

4, Spawater Cream (Above left) 

I also did a review of this interesting amazing spawater cream before, HERE. I used this cream after the Cellex-C serum starter kit.

Pros: This is the cream with best moisturizing effect I've ever used. After gently massage the cream on the face, it turns into spa water, and pad gently until it's fully absorbed. My skin was so soft and hydrated. Also this is a fragrance-free moisturizer, almost couldn't smell anything.

Cons: I can't find any drawback of this product.

Repurchase: I don't think I'm able to find it again, unless someone I know who go to Hokkaido and stay in the Sounkyo (层云峡) hot spring hotel, since that's the only retailer. I heard it can be found at some Japanese website, but they do not provide international shipping service, so I have to say goodbye to it, I miss it so much.

5, By Terry Intensive Multi-Active Moisturizer (Above right) USD90 

Original look:

 Official Introduction:

"For dry, dehydrated skin, by Terry has created a dewy moisturizer filled with natural extracts of Pastel, White and Black Roses to plump and hydrate skin, leaving it soft and supple. Its gel texture has been specifically designed for thirsty skin, leaving it feeling both fresh and soft."

Smell: When I first open and smell it, "wow.....!", then I realized that all the rose scent I smelled before were so artificial. I felt like I was sitting in a rose garden every time when I use it, really fell in love with the fresh and natural rose scent.

Texture: Lovely light pink color gel.

Pros: I used to gently rubbed it between my palms and made a deep breath, it helped to relax my mind and body, and then apply it over entire face except eye area.This lightweight silky gel moisturizer was just nice for my combination skin type. It's a bit sticky at first and then I use my palms cover my entire face for 5 to 10 seconds so that it can be absorbed faster.

Cons: I used it in the morning and spawater cream at night, because spawater cream could keep my skin hydrated better and longer than by terry.

Repurchase: Probably not, at less it is on sale as it's too pricey for me.

6, ORBIS UV Cut Sunscreen On Face Light

If I can only choose one skin care product, I will definitely choose sunscreen, it's so important to protect us from ultraviolet rays, which is the main factor to cause  skin aging. This sunscreen is for face only with SPF 34 PA++. 

Smell: No fragrance but a bit chemical smell

Texture: Lightly tinted liquid watery sunscreen

Pros: This tinted sunscreen can even my skin tone well, I just need to apply a thin layer of loose powder right after this if I want very natural look.
Lightweight and 100% oil free.

Cons: It's for combination to oily skin. But I felt a bit dry at cheek area if I stay in air conditioning room. I believe you will love it if you have oily skin. 
Stay in such a sunny country, I prefer my sunscreen SPF value higher than 50 with PA+++, this is a bit low for me. 

For normal to dry skin, there is another version, which is in a tube design.

Repurchase: No. May try the tube version next time.

7, Ettusais Lip Essence

I bought this lip essence quite some time ago, and the latest version comes with SPF18. Since this one doesn't have SPF, I applied a thick layer at night before I went to bed.

Smell: almost no smell

Texture: Light pink transparent gel

Pros:  The gel lip essence could provide better moisturizing effect than traditional lip balm stick. I don't have any concern of dry or crack lip since I used it every night, my lip was very soft every morning when I woke up. This is one of my favorite lip essences so far.

Cons: A little bit sticky but still within my tolerable range.

Repurchase: Definitely yes. Want to try the latest lip essence stick also.

8, B&C Hand Cream (Pear Shape)

Previous review of this hand cream is HERE.

Just love the fresh pear scent so much and definitely will but it again. I found a lip balm from the same range later, a even smaller pear, so cute.

That's all for the review of my skin care products I finished before April. Want to know what I'm using now? It's on the way....... 

My Skin Condition:
Sensitive, combination type, acne-prone skin. 
Oily at T-zone with some blackheads around nose area. 
Cheek area is normal but my skin is very thin and prone to reddish.  


  1. Does BT moisturizer smell the same as BT foundation? I love everything of the foundation but not the smell, still a bit artificial for me ><

  2. It feels so good to finish products and I've finished a couple early this year too!

  3. Hi Nikki,
    Looking forward to read your review of the finished products.....

  4. Hi Qian,
    I don't own any By Terry foundation, only tried once at Sephora before, the smell are different. I didn't smell any rose scent from the foundation. Yes, it smells no good.

  5. You can find the Spawater cream at Hokkaido Mart, they are based in HK but they ship international. I'm using it too and find it amazing. I have very dry skin.


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