Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review of Nars Eyeshadow DUO - Kuala Lumpur (Swatches)

I received three palettes of Nars eyeshadow last weekend. Till when I wrote down the names of these three eyeshadows, I just realized they are all named by a city from different country in the world.
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Tokyo
  • Bali

Kuala Lumpur DUO
Left:  Iridescent rose-golden 
Right: Dark burgundy purple with sparkling gold glitter

Swatches: (without flash)

Swatches in both wet and dry:

The reason I did this swatch is because I read a review of Kuala Lumpur duo previously, she mentioned that the color pay off is not up to her expectation if used dry. But I find this duo is well pigmented and the texture is very soft, maybe it's due to the tfsi (too faced shadow insurance) I used as base before applying the eyeshadow.


Compare with other Nars Duo eyeshadows:
I compared four duos:
  • left:   Sugarland
  • Right:  Caravaggio 
  • Top:    Eurydice
  • Bottom: Kuala Lumpur 

Though they are all in pink or purple tone, but swatched quite different from each other.

Compare with Lunasol Geminate 05 RB

Although they look very different in the pan, but surprisingly they are very similar at swatch. Lunasol 05RB was previously reviewed here.

The right color of Kuala Lumpur is almost the same with the darkest eyeliner color of Lunasol 05 RB. Both are highly pigmented reddish plum with warm brown undertone, while Kuala Lumpur has subtle gold glitter.

Swatches of Tokyo and Bali are coming up...... :D


  1. I've swatched many times the Nars eyeshadow duo but I haven't have the chance to purchase any as I have enough colors for now! :) these are very very pretty

  2. Great swatches! I don't own any NARS products yet, but I'm lemming for some e/s duos now, hehe...

  3. Oooohh.. beautiful colors! ^^ I'm waiting for the Bali's swatches, hehe.. :)

  4. Oh Jess, you missed probably the best eyeshadow in the world except Lunasol, haha....must try some, but be careful on choosing colors.

    Seems we have to do more swatches on NARS, we have about 30 duos and 20 blushes in total ^_^

  5. Hi CeeCile,

    Thanks for visiting our blog.
    Sure, it's coming up!

  6. I'm so jealous that you have a cousin in Osaka!!! I can't even reserve the Lunasol Kit even if I wanted to *sobssss*

    Kuala Lumpur is so pretty and yes, surprisingly similar to Ruby!

    And those few words that I wrote for the Be-Zen lip treatment? That's my review of it ahaha XD

  7. Haha Blair, I'm not sure whether I should reserve the Lunasol Kit or not, it's really pricey.

    I thought you have all the three Be-Zen lip treatments, I'm going to buy the one with passion fruit flavor.


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