Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nars Jolie Poupee - A Little Taste of Purple

Another high rating Nars DUO in MUA (Average rating 4.9). If you love purple eyeshadow, then definitely you should get this one.

Jolie Poupee, meaning baby doll, is from the NARS Holiday 2008 collection.

Left:  matte lavender
Right: violet shimmer

I did a simple eye make up mainly using this duo, though my eyes have nothing to do with baby doll at all....

Here is what I use:

- Nars Jolie Poupee duo
- Nars violetta duo
- Nars single eyeshadow: Night Breed (for eyeliner)
- Urban Decay Primary Potion (UDPP, u can never have an makeup eye without UDPP)
- Urban Decay eyeliner pencil, color zero
- Brushes.....

Pre-Step: Always apply UDPP on your eye lids before any eye makeups, It can help the eyeshadow powder and eyeliner last longer..

Directions: On the inner-to-middle lid, apply the shimmer color from violetta using mac brush 239. Apply Jolie Poupee eyeshadow (violet shimmer) to the outer half of the lid using 239. The movements of using 239 would be tapping the colors to your eyelid and then blend. Darken the outer lid using Cinders eyeshadow and drag into crease using the 219. Soften harsh color with Jolie Poupee eyeshadow (matte lavender) using 217. Draw eyeliners using night breed with brush 231. 

Here is what we got: pics with flash

hmmm.... maybe I should wear fake eyelashes.......

Pics without flash

hmm... My skin condition is not very good recently... T_T


  1. yes, you should wear fake eyelashes, but your eyes are really beutiful without them.


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