Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Skin Care Routine -- Dermalogica

I have been using Dermalogica skin care products on and off for about 2 years.
I must say a big "Thank You" to dermalogica, because it helped me to get out of the nightmare, acne.

I used to surfer from serious acne and black heads problem, and I tried lots of different brands of skin care products, but none of them really helped, until I approached one of the dermalogica counters at town area.

After experiencing their famous "skin mapping" technology and also a round of detailed questionnaire about my skin condition and life style, my skin was diagnosed very sensitive and dry. The reason was because I used a lot of products specially for oily and acne prone skin, some of them contains AHA, which caused my skin very dry and sensitive.

The sales assistant recommended a set, which is for sensitive skin. She explained that skin sensitivity is the root cause of many skin problems, like aging, acne, ect. She suggested me to focus on calming and soothing my irritated skin first, if I still have acne problem after I finish the set then switch to another series, which is for acne but not sensitive skin type.

This is basically the whole set the sales assistant recommended. 
  • Cleanse - Special Cleansing Gel

      Actually I was recommended "UltraCalming Cleanser" last time, but my skin is much better now, so I switched to this cleansing gel. It's soap-free, very gentle and cleanse without disturbing skin's natural balance, but I feel a bit dry if I don't apply toner or moisturizer immediately after washing, I think it might because this cleanser is for oily skin.  

      • Soothe - Soothing Protection Spray
        I just finished this and thrown the bottle away, it looks like below picture.

        It helps to reduce the redness and irritation. Just spray it onto entire face after washing.


        • Treat - Gentle Soothing Booster 

          This is a concentrated oil-free complex, contains ultra-soothing botanicals and healing honey to clam and hydrates sensitive skin. I use this as a serum although it is transparent watery lotion. It does not contain fragrance or color. Redness at my cheek area really can disappear after applying this, it's amazing, it's it! 

          • Protect - Barrier Repair

            This is a very special moisturizer, it's waterless, looks like gel, but not sticky at all, it feels very smooth and silky when applying onto face. It helps sooth and repair damage from environmental aggression.  

            • Eye - Total Eye Care with spf 15

                Don't forget your eye area also need to be protected from sun damage.

                It claims to reduce dark circle and fine lines, but I don't really see the effect, I think this is the only dermalogica product I don't recommend so far.

                Last one for the day time skin care routine: 

                • Sun Screen - Super Sensitive Faceblock spf30

                  I don't have the empty bottle with me now.
                  This is chemical-free sun block, for super sensitive skin, and it's not oily at all.

                  For night time skin care, I will follow the same procedure as day time, but change to different moisturize and eye cream, no sun block of course. 

                  • Night Time Moisturize - Skin Smoothing Cream

                  The texture of this moisturizer is a bit heavier than Barrier Repair, since I usually sleep in an air-conditioning room, I need a medium-weight cream to maintain skin's moisture level at night.

                  After using this set for only two weeks, I found my skin was much smoother than before, and there was no new acne came out. I was so surprised and regretted that I should have tried this brand earlier, I have wasted so much money on other useless products, which were not suitable for me : (   

                  Weekly Skin Care:
                  • Mask - Skin Hydrating Masque

                  I highly recommend this mask, after washing face at night, just apply a thin layer onto entire face, include eye area and wait for 5 to 7 mins without drying. My skin is so smooth, calm and hydrated after washing it away with running water. I love this indeed! 

                  • Mask - Skin Refining Mask

                    I have finished this cleansing mask, but it's good to be recommended as well. My T-tone is very oily and I have a lot of blackheads around nose area. I use this refining clay mask once every week, it helps to purify and reduce oily skin breakouts.

                    I find most of the deep-cleansing mask irritates sensitive skin, but this one does not, I don't feel any stinging sensation at all. 

                    • Mask -  Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque
                      I have to admit that I'm crazy about mask, I can't live without mask, haha...


                      This is for pre-maturely aging skin, helps skin recover from damage, and promoting health tissue regeneration. To be frankly, I have no feeling after trying this mask, is this because  I'm still young? haha......

                      I think that's all for now, you can do a simple "skin mapping" test at dermalogica official website:, which could help to choose correct skin care products for you! 

                      Good Luck!


                      1. I tried the cleaning gel you gave to me, really good. Thinking to get a set :-)

                      2. Really! I'm glad to hear that.
                        Better go to Dermalogica counter and ask for recommendation base on your current skin condition.

                      3. Where did you buy the Dermalogica? Will the online be cheaper than singapore counter?

                      4. I ordered from one of the U.S website. Yes, it's much cheaper than buying from Singapore counter.

                      5. hello.. like to check which website do you order from? can share?


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