Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amazing Spawater Cream


The full name is TANKOKUSEN (炭黑泉) Spawater Cream, I got it from Hokkaido, Sounkyo (层云峡) hot spring hotel, it's about 3150Yan.

The introduction written on the box:

The main ingredient is Hokkaido spring water, and also Q10 etc.
What makes it so special is that it is an "all-in-one" cream, it combines toner, serum, sunblock, makeup base etc into one bottol, don't believe it? Let's try it out!

Although it looks like cream, but it feels like jelly with very light scent.

Apply a small amount on my hand and spread it out, massage it gently and after about 5 seconds, see....

The jelly cream turns into transparent spring water! Isn't it amazing?!

Continue to pat gently until all the spring water is absorbed, and you can see how soft and smooth my hand is!

I only used this springwater cream for 2 days, and I still use my routine skin care toner and serum before it, I don't feel safe or comfortable to use it alone.

Although it's not long enough to write a review of it now but I just can't help to let my friends know how special it is, it really smooths and hydrates my skin well, especially in the air-conditioning room. And I found my T-zone is not so oily as last few days in the late afternoon. I love it!

It is also very convenient for people, who always go traveling, cause you don't have to bring so many bottles of skin care products. But it's a pity that we can't find it in Singapore, but only Hokkaido, Japan :<


  1. Wow, so special~~~

  2. Amazing...where can I get it?

  3. I have no idea where to get it, seems only the Sounkyo (层云峡) hot spring hotel. But you can try your luck to google it.

  4. I just bought one from Hakone... and chance upon this website, not sure if its useful?


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