Friday, March 12, 2010

Light Smoky - NARS essential eye palette 9952 Thunderball

Nars essential eye palette (9952) belongs to the NARS 2009 summary collections. It's never easy to get Nars in Singapore, and I have waited for half a year for this baby to reach me.....

Though the modern love palette (9951) is more popular than 9952, I do have a crash on 9952, which caught my heart at the fisrt sight, especially the shade thunderball, with a cool cadet grey, perfect for light smoky eyes (the right bottom one).

Shades in the palette:
- Unconditional Love (top left) Soft Shimmering Copper
- Night Star (top middle) Sheer Peach with Gold Pearls
- Galapagos (top right) Bitter Chocolate Infused with Gold
- Nepal (bottom left) Rose with Shimmer
- Ondine (bottom middle) Plum with Gold Shimmer
- Thunderball (bottom right) Midnight Gray

The light smokey eye, we use

Let's start...

Step 1, apply udpp to the eye lid

Step 2,

Step 3;

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Last step, apply ardell lashes

How it looks.. I only made one eye ... lazy gal...


  1. This is fabulous! I like it so much!

    Do you mind to tell which eye lash you are using?


  2. oops! just saw it is ardel 207... XD

  3. Oops, can share some more about NARS eye shadow violetta and Misfit? Loving them but still not sure whether I should take them home...

  4. I didn't know Thunderball can be used alone to complete an eye makeup, it's really fabulous!

    Any other eye shadow from NARS do you have?

  5. Awesome smokey look!
    May i know what brushes you used?

  6. I also would like to know which brushes you used ?

  7. Hi, I used the brushes named "MakeUpShow", you can search my reviews. Thanks.


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