Friday, March 26, 2010

All about Mascara

If there is only one makeup item to choose, I would pick mascara..

Here is our mascara collection, which we've been using all the time...

We chose seven of them for today's "mascara competition",  and we will compare them in terms of length, volume and price.

I always admire gals who has big eyes and thick lashes, just like our eye model (my friend) today, I wish I could replace hers with mine.. :D

Here is her naked eyes, without any mascara and hasn't been curled.

She was busy with applying and removing mascaras the whole afternoon, poor gal....

1) Kiss Me Long & Amp; Curl Mascara (price: less than SGD20)

This mascara enhances the lashes by adding some length and a bit volume, but has a little clumps.

2) Kiss Me Volume & Amp; Curl Mascara (price: less than SGD20)


This one creates lashes volume rather than lengthening, it looks a bit too "natural"for me.

3) Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing (ard SGD25)

MJ could build up both length and volume, but not as good as kiss me mascara, and it creates clumps as well.

I think MJ generation 1 and 2 are doing better job than this one, which comes with comb brushes.

4) Bourjois Liner Effet Mascara (Price: ard SGD25)


It's very obvious that this mascara could lengthen the lashes and also build up the volume.
The unique design of the brush head could separate lashes effectively without clumps at all. 

5)YSL Singulier Mascara (black) (Price: ard SGD45)

It could create false eye lashes effect but too many clumps.

6) YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils (Price: ard SGD45)

This one is classic YSL mascara with variety of colors. I've been using them for years till I found kiss me, MJ and Bourjois mascars.

7) Anna Sui (Price: ard SGD33)

Clumps again..... Both volume and lengthening effect are not as good as others.

8) Clinique High Impact (Price: ard SGD33)


Just another natural look selection.


From all the pictures above we can see that Kiss me, Bourjois and YSL mascaras are wonderful. But YSL mascaras are relatively pricey. So, Kiss me and Bourjois are the winners of our mascara competition today!!

You can get Kiss me mascaras at SASA, but the price is high. Store up some if u happen to be in Japan or HongKong, and don't forget the kiss me mascara remover (the most  perfect match with kiss me mascara). 

Our eye model, the lovely gal, picked up a Bourjois mascara from Watsons right after this mascara review session... hahahaha

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.. :D


  1. wow...Bourjois definitely works! I love this eyelashes swatch, helps us consumer a lot!

  2. Thanks, glad you love it. I would like to get one more Bourjors mascara when there is 20% off in Watsons. :D

  3. Wow thanks for this really informative post. I will definitely be popping the bourjois mascara in my shopping basket the next time I end up in my local drugstore!

    And I definitely have to check that kiss me one out. Catherine at strawberry mochi really loves it too if I remember correctly!

  4. Hi Jian,

    Yes, "Kiss Me" is very popular in Japan and Taiwan, but remember to get the remover from dame brand as well (pink color tube, looks like mascara), because it's very difficult to remove "Kiss Me" mascara by using normal eye makeup remover.

  5. Fantastic post!! Glad I found your blog!

  6. Hi... found your post which has a great reviews on mascaras, and I did fell in love with bourjois liner effect mascara in your post. However I'm from Malaysia and there is no such mascara here on sale, not even our watson. Haih. I'm wondering could you do the service of posting the mascara to malaysia? I could pay for the service charge.

  7. Hi Old Cow, Thanks for liking our blog!

    Hi QingQing, I'm willing to help.
    Please email us at


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