Friday, March 19, 2010

Lunasol Eye Shadow Palette GEMINATE EYES 01 Cat's Eye, 05 Ruby

We are big fans of Lunasol cosmetics, though we love NARS as well. :D

Lunasol Geminate Eye Shadow series has been released for almost three years, but eyeshadow palette 01 CE and 05 RB are still very popular now. All of us own at least one of them, especially 01 CE.

Here are some pictures I took when it was brand new.

 Close-up view:

Each palette includes a highlighter, medium color, shadow color, eyeliner color and glitter shade (center).The center color has more glitter than the other four, normally we use fingertip lightly apply a bit on the center of the eyelid to enhance the shine. 

Colors on hand~

05 RB (Ruby), is one of my favorite eye shadow palettes. Don't bling your eyes.......yes, it's BEAUTIFUL!
Do we need extra words for it?

Lovely combo of pink colors! Even puffy eyes could use this palette too as long as don't apply the darker pink too much!


  1. Hi A Bunch Of Girls =)

    I love your blog with those gorgeous pics! My old camera can never do that. I'm a makeup fanatic and I would like to take pics of my collection as beautiful as yours. Can share what is the model of your camera?

    Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks dear, I'm glad tht u love the pictures. The camera I'm using is an entry level DSLR, Nikon D60, I think any DSLR is able to do that. :D

  3. I love this post... these two palettes are #1&2 among all my nars, lunasol, mac collections...

  4. I love CE~
    Let's po CE looks on different eyes, haha~~


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