Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Albion Essential Skin Conditioner

Albion, one of the most famous brands in Japan, founded in 1956. And this essential skin conditioner is Albion's most popular skincare product.

It was highly recommended by my friend, meimei. She has been using it for a while and she was impressed by its whitening effect. So she bought me one from Taiwan, which costs 2900NT$, about S$127, it's quite expensive for a bottle of toner, 330ml.
Below are some introduction of this skin conditioner:

Hydrating, Whitening, Acne Killing and Pore Refining!

Skin condition is prone to deteriorate owing to changes in the seasons and the environment, but this lotion makes skin healthy and moist, preventing it from becoming rough and dry and comfortably tightening it.
Delivers moisture to UV ray-damaged skin and dry skin and brings out the skin' sinnate luminosity and translucence.


Not only toner, it can be used as lotion mask also. To maximize the hydrating and whitening effect, I usually use it as lotion mask after washing my face at night.

Step 1: Take a compressed paper mask,
Step 2: Soak the paper mask generously with lotion, once the mask absorbs water, it will expand,
Step 3: Open up the mask and apply is onto entire face, spray some more lotion or mineral water when necessary, don't let it dry on your face.
Step 4: Wait for 5 to 10 minutes, take off the mask and continue with routine skincare.

The moment when I took off the mask, I found my skin was so fair and the pores were less visible. I have sensitive and acne prone skin, my face always appears red, this skin conditioner can really calm down my skin and the occasional breakout heals faster than before.

Although I love it very much, but I can't afford to use it as lotion mask everyday, is there any recommendation for similar products? 


  1. wow...seems much gentler than Sekkisei...also more expensive...wanna try...

    Have you ever tried base formula's aloe vera & seaweed gel? This product is remarkable for hydrating.

    Like your pictures and posts :)

  2. Yes, it's definitely more gentle than Sekkisei, I used Sekkisei before, it caused my skin more sensitive :<

    Haha.....I heard about base formula's aloe vera & seaweed gel, and I'm getting one soon. It's so popular now.

    Thanks for your comment.


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