Monday, June 28, 2010

My Skin Care Routine (June 2010)

My skin care routine of June 2010, from left to right in above picture:

1, Elizabeth Arden: Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules Intensive Treatment for Face and Throat
2, SK-II: Facial Treatment Essence
3, SK-II: Skin Signature Cream (sample size, bottom) 
4, Estee Lauder: Advanced Night Repair Eye (older version, top)
5, Dermalogica:  Sun Screen - Super Sensitive Faceblock spf30 (reviewed here)
6, Lunasol: Morning Wakening Massage N (bottom) 
7, Aesop: B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel (top)

My Skin Condition:
A bit sensitive, combination type, and acne-prone skin. 
Oily at T-zone with some blackheads around nose area. 
Cheek area is normal but my skin is very thin and prone to reddish.  

I'm using dermalogica special cleansing gel. I've been using this cleanser for more than 4 months, I did a review here before. 

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 

It is a transparent watery serum, but I use it as a toner. 
Normally I use cotton pad to apply toner, it helps to do a second cleansing as well as light peeling effect. But I apply this serum by my hands, because it is pricey and I don't want to waste too much on the cotton pad. On the other hand, it can absorb better with help of the hand temperature.
This so call "miracle water" contains more than 90% Pitera, which helps revitalize the skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimal condition for complete nutrient absorption. It also works to balance skin's pH and sebum secretion, I can feel my skin is well moisturized and less oily appearance on my T-zone area in the afternoon. 

I should have tried this serum earlier, I love it and I have already stored up one more bottle.

Elizabeth ArdenCeramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules Intensive Treatment for Face and Throat

I think this capsule serum is one of the most popular products from Elizabeth Arden. The CLX Complex delivers the restorative power of Ceramides and essential lipids to help strengthen skin's barrier against the visible signs of time. 

The amazing part is this serum feels like essential oil in the hand, but once apply it on face and do a light massage, it can absorb very fast and do not feel oily at all. 

My face feels very soft after massaging with this serum, and it makes my face look more radiant. I'm not sure how does help with anti-aging, as we can't really see it when we are still young. Hopefully I can see the effect anther 10 years later. : )

SK-II: Skin Signature Cream (sample size)

Another star buy product from SK-II also, this anti-aging moisturizer helps strengthen skin power to give your skin total beauty through a balance of firmness, smoothness and radiance.

I decided to get a sample size to try out first because I thought it's very thick cream and my combination skin may not like it. But the texture is actually very light, I even feel my skin is not well moisturized if I skip EA serum and apply this straight away after the Facial Treatment Essence. 

Moreover, I don't like the packaging,  it's unhygienic to dig it with my finger. I prefer all my skin care products are in tube or pump bottle.

So I'm not going to continue with it after I finish up this sample.

Eye Serum
Estee Lauder: Advanced Night Repair Eye

I have a few fine lines under my eyes. EL claims that this silky serum-gel can help to reduce the look of sign of aging around the fragile eye area. So I hoped it works on my fine lines.

I'm going to finish this pot soon and there is noticeable improvement at the areas under my eyes. The fine lines are still exist but not as obvious as before. The gel texture is light enough and do not feel sticky at all. 

It supposes to use an eye cream after this, but I found it works well in the hot and humid weather, so I just skipped the eye cream.

The drawback is the unhygienic packaging too, even it comes with a little plastic spatula, but it's not easy to maintain the spatula to be clean every time before using it.

I think I will find a better eye serum/cream with comparable price.

Weekly Treatment:
Aesop: B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel (left)  
Lunasol: Morning Wakening Massage N (right)

Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel is a silicone-free moisturizing and skin-balancing gel for oily, combination and sensitive skin types. It boosted with one part Vitamin B to three parts stabilized Vitamin C, this unique gel provides perfectly weighted hydration together with potent skin-balancing and anti-oxidant properties.

I was told by the sales assistant to use it once a week at night without other skin care products to boost my skin condition. I did so and I can really see the difference in next morning. My skin is not oily as usual and my pore size also reduced. I recommend this to all friends who has similar skin condition with mine.

Lunasol Morning Wakening Massage N is a morning-time massage gel to gently waken the skin with a massage and prepare it for the day's makeup.
The texture is moist and fresh, and the fragrance is very refreshing. 

My eyes are very puffy in the morning if I drank too much water before sleep. After massaging the whole face with this wakening gel, my eyes did "open up" bigger, haha...

Apply all over the face in the morning after washing the face.
Gently massage in an outward direction with the fingertips for 20 to 30 seconds.
Pat and press lightly all over the face with the palm of your hands.
Then, condition the skin with lotion.


  1. I'm using SK II Facial Treatment Essence too, love it!

  2. I love seeing peoples skincare routine. I have been wanting to try the SK II Essence for awhile, it has really good reviews. I need to finish my La Mer first (not crazy about the La Mer).

    The Lunasol Morning Wakening Massage looks so interesting, I want to try that too. =)

  3. Hi Diane,

    SK-II essence is worth trying.
    The Lunasol morning wakening massage smells very nice, hope you like it too.

  4. wow a fabulous routine.. mine is so modest compare to yours! I have the same problem with the t-zones! it irks me >_<

  5. Hi Nic,

    Thank you for commenting too.
    I always believe good skin is the best makeup foundation, so I take good care of my skin.

    Don't worry too much about your oily T-zone, I try to convince myself that oily skin doesn't aging so fast, : )

    I'm one of your followers and Looooove your blog!

  6. I'm not particular when it comes to the products I use for my skin, but I am very careful to choose only the ones which work for me. So basically, my skin care routine involves applying moisturizer twice a day, wearing less make up, and drinking plenty of water.


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