Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'When Yellow meets Blue' - Nars Eyeshadow DUO Star Sailor & Rated R

It's the first time I wear this FeshLook Brilliant Blue color lens. I've been thinking what kind of eye MU matches with the bright blue lens, and the first color pops out is yellow~~ lol~~~

Products I used for this EOTD:
(haha, it's a semi-FOTD, but I'm tooo shy to show the pic of my face)

  • Covermark essence foundation  (YP20)
  • Cle de peau Translucent Loose Powder
  • UDPP
  • Nars eyeshadow DUO Star Sailor & Rated R
  • M.A.C eyeliner gel
  • Ardell False lashes (fairies)
  • Nars Blush Orgasm
  • Makeup Brushes (M.A.C, Hakuhodo , MakeUpShow, Bobbi Brown)

Nars eyeshadow DUO: Star Sailor & Rated R

Nars Blush : Orgasm

Ardell False lashes (fairies)

It's a simple eye MU. Apply the yellow color of Rated R on the inner corner of the eye and the shimmery citrine yellow of Star Sailor on the middle of the eye.  Blend the  antique bronze on the outer corner and lower outer lash line. Line with MAC eyeliner gel and then wear the false lashes. 

Before and After:

Looks quite different,  right?

(The End)


  1. It's SO gorgeous! Aww, don't be shy!! Do post a full FOTD girls! I'm sure you're all totally beautiful!

    Thanks for the advice on how to do it too! I am so hopeless when it comes to bright colours. I feel really inspired now!!!!!!

    The lenses are so pretty too! Really POP.

    By the way, what hair colour is that? It's so nice too!

  2. Wow I love, love, love the eye look you did! The yellow with the bright blue contacts is so electrifying ~ <3

  3. pretty look! aw, I'm sure you look gorgeous! :p you have beautiful eyes girly!!! Btw, where do you get your NARS stuff from? you order them off the website and get it shipping to SG??

  4. Hi, Jian, I love this bright blue lenses too. :D
    The hair color is 'Liese Bubble Hair Color Sweet Pink', though it's not pink at all....In fact the color doesn't fit my yellow skin tone... I'm considering of changing my hair to some darker colors...

  5. Hi Tammy, thanks for visiting our blog, I wanna try blue with red/pink eyeshadow next time.. haha...

  6. Thanks Priscilla, I got most of my Nars products from Hongkong, which is around 300HKD for the eyeshadow duo and 250HKD for the blush. I also got some from drugstore/beauty.com spree.

  7. I'd love to see a full FOTD :)

    I love this EOTD, it's so bright and eye catching AND I'm planning to copy the way you line your eyes. Hope you don't mind =D

    Thank you for your suggestion! I'll check the HABA cleansing oil out =]

  8. Hi Blair,

    Of course I don't mind, love to see your EOTD too!

  9. that yellow really gives your eyes a nice pop. This is a great look!

  10. Hi, Pop Champagne, thanks for stopping by our blog. You look gorgeous!

  11. omg how lovely! i love what you did with the eyeshadow. and your hair color is so awesome! thx for the lovely comment!

  12. Wow those lenses look sooo good! I've never tried Freshlooks but you make me really want to try it! And great EOTD!

  13. Hi SimMiChikO, you are welcome.
    Love your FOTD too!

  14. Thanks Liang!
    You got beautiful eyes, should try it out!

  15. This is beautiful, I really love the contacts! They look so intense and real, plus they look amazing with the makeup.


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