Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wigs - Rinka Hairdo, Bob, Curly~

I got three wigs last weekend, one short bob style, one Rinka hairdo style and one long curly style. It's my first time to try wigs, so excited!!

Rinka Hairdo Wig:
It is named after a Japan fashion model Rinka who is the first one wearing this hairstyle. Rinka has varied ability and natural fashion style.

The one I bought is shinny yellowish brown which does not fit my yellow skin tone very well. This wig makes my head look very big, lucky my head is small. Even though, I still love this wig. It also looks great with hat and hair decorations. 

Bob Style Wig: 

Long Curly Style:

If you ask me which one is my most favorite, I've to say all of them..
Each wig creates a different look with different feelings.

Anyway, I've no idea whether I would ever wear them out, because we all know that Singapore is soooo hot...


  1. Love them all!
    You are so hot!

  2. They look fantastic! I'm a big fan of the bob style wig, it kind of looks like the one angelababy wears sometimes XD But they all look great, I think the brown with yellow undertones one looks nice too and your skin looks so pale it doesn't clash at all :)

  3. Dearie, are those fringes fake too?

    OMG, I heart Rinka and I love her wig/hairstyle on you! I agree with Tammy, it doesn't clash with your fair skin at all =]

  4. Wow! These look like really nice wigs. I'm assuming that you can't have long hair to be able to try the bob style wig? I'd love to be able to try it but I do have middle lengthed hair. It looks great on you though :)

  5. Hi, Tammy, now I find out that the bob one is my favorite, after trying them again.. I wanna change my hair style to bob, but my hair is very soft and thin which is not suitable for bob style..T_T

  6. Dear Blair, happy to see u again! The fringes are fake too, which coming with the wigs. It's quite interesting to try all kinds of wigs.. haha...

  7. Wow! An exquisite collection of wigs. The first one looks like one of those high quality motown tress wigs. There are others in your picture that looks like excellent lace wigs. The Bob is now getting back into the "in". Good thing there are wigs that can help in situations where a certain hairstyle is not suitable for an individual's hair type.

  8. Earl, thanks for your sharing. Trying different style of wigs is really a great fun. :)

  9. hi there, where u bought these lovely wigs? =)

  10. Hi, a friend of mine bought them from overseas..

  11. Hi there.. any chance u are selling the bob wig? Thank you.


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