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Makeup Brushes Review: MakeUpShow (MUS) -- Part 1 Face Brushes


I received this set of makeup brushes two weeks ago and It's time to review them now.

They are from MakeUpShow (MUS), a very famous brand from China, made in Shanghai. This brand is so popular in China now and a lot of friends recommended it to me.

They have several series cover from beginner to professionals, like a beautiful red color long handle set for professionals; black color long handle series for normal individuals, the original wood color handle range for beginner, which is cheaper than the rest and also a white color short handle set for traveling, etc.

After doing so much research, finally I got a few brushes from the High Series, which is the high-end brush made of black walnut handle. It comes with a black color travel case, it's perfect to put all my brushes in (I didn't get the whole set, just 11 brushes that I needed).


The black walnut series are all short handles. It's a bit more expensive than the rest, I heard it's because the black walnut wood is more expensive than normal wood. I was  really impressed with the quality when I received them. The color of the handle looks very special and nice, it is so smooth and every handle has its unique wood texture,  no wonder it's the high-end series of this brand.  

I prefer this short handle series, not only it's easy to bring them out, but also very convenient for those who have myopic eyes like me, don't worry, you won't hit the mirror any more, hahaha.....

I put a pen aside for easy visualization of each brush size. 

Above is my favorite brush from the set, H01 Powder Brush, it is for application of powder foundation or loose powder. It's made of squirrel hair, feels very soft and airy when sweep on the face.

I usually use it to apply a thin layer of loose powder over entire face after liquid foundation, my face looks very natural and doesn't feel like wearing a foundation mask.

The bristle is also well-shaped with slightly pointed shape, easy for precision application at small areas  like around the eye, nose and chin.

To be frankly, I never used my M.A.C 150 powder brush which cost me more than 90 bucks since I got this one.

H02 Blush/Cheek Brush, it's made of squirrel hair too, just as soft as powder brush but a  little bit more dense for small area blusher application. 

I like the size of this cheek brush as it's not too big and it makes easy to focus on cheek bone, and then gradually blend the blusher outwards to hairline to create a natural look.

It could pick up just right amount of blusher, especially some well-pigmented blusher like NARS, that' why it's very suitable for heavy-handed people (like myself), no more monkey backside (Chinese always describe someone's face with too much blusher on and looks like monkey backside, ^_^"") 

H03 Foundation Brush, this is the star buy item of the whole MakeUpShow brush series as the shape is very special, it's different from traditional flat shape liquid foundation brush.

This brush is made of Korean synthetic, which is to apply liquid and cream foundation by using small circular motion movement. It can create thin and transparent look without leaving tinny strips mark on the face. The sensation felt from moving the brush  bristle on the face is very soft and smooth. 

The only drawback is if your liquid foundation is not light enough, it would be a bit difficult to do the circular movement, I tried to mix the liquid foundation with a bit makeup base or moisturizer to overcome this problem and it works really well.

I've been using  MAC187 to apply liquid foundation for years, but MAC187 is pricey. If you want a good foundation brush with much affordable price, MUS H03 would be your choice.

H04 Highlight/Contour Brush, this small highlight brush is made of  mixture of squirrel and goats hair. It's use to highlight small areas like under eyes, brow bone,  bridge of the nose and chin.

I also use it to contour the area between inner eyes and bridge of the nose to make my nose bridge looks higher : )

Above are four face brushes from the back walnut series, so far I love all of them. The quality of the brushes are really good with high standard workmanship and yet inexpensive. It's much cheaper than some famous brands, for example the face brush is only less than half price of the similar one from M.A.C. It's very worth to try.

Coming up is the review of eye brushes and the rest in Part 2.

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  2. Thanks for reading, I'll do part 2 asap.

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  4. Hi piggy83, it's a gift from my friend. She ordered from makeupshow local distributor, their website is Thanks for visiting our blog.

  5. thanks for the review! they look good!

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