Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eyeliner Brush Comparison: MakeUpShow H10, 3E01, Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner

A good eyeliner brush is a essential tool for applying gel type eyeliners, such as MAC Fluidline and Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliners.

I've been using Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush for almost 3 years. I got it from Changi airport, which cost me ard SGD35.

Recently, people start talking about MakeUpShow (MUS) brushes. I happened to get some MakeUpShow brushes, including two gel liner brushes.

I'm going to compare the three eyeliner brushes:

  - Bobbi Brown ultra fine eyeliner brush,  
  - MakeUpShow (MUS) H10,                 
  - MakeUpShow (MUS) 3E01.  

The gel liner I'm using today is MAC Fluidline, shade Blacktrack.

The three eye liner brushes are:

Bobbi Brown, handle material: Birch

 MUS H10, handle type: black walnut wood

MUS 3E01, handle type: wood

Take a close look:

Comparison in terms of Hair Volume
Bobbi Brown > MUS H10 > MUS 3E01.

But volume is not very important for a eyeliner brush, it's whether it can create a flawless line or not. :D
I tried my best to draw a line as fine as possible: 

It's a bit hard to create a straight and thin line with Bobbi Brown brush, as it is a little too thick at brush tip and doesn't provide a thin line. 

Comparison in terms of Precision Application
MUS10 > MUS 3E01 > Bobbi Brown ultra fine liner
All of them are doing well in drawing normal straight lines,

Since our eyeliner is not straight, but curled, so I drew 3 curled lines.

Now we can see MUS H10 is the best among the three, it can easily create a curled smooth line.

In general, MUS H10 is the WINNER among the three, which is very easy to control and can create a smooth and precision line. Also the width of the brush tip is narrow enough for an easy application around the lash line.

Bedise, MakeUpShow brush is more cost effective than Bobbi Brown, I think it's less than half of the price.


  1. wow...those are great brushes to create such nice lines, I am used to using angled liner brush for eyeliners :)

  2. I am using H10 these few days and I really love it! The best eye liner brush I have ever used :)


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