Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nail nail nail~~OPI B85- over the Taupe

I received some nail polish and nail care stuff yesterday, one OPI nail envy base coat, Seche Vite fast dry nail top, and OPI B85 over the Taupe.

OPI Nail Envy is one of the best base coat in the market, which comes in varieties of different functions. The one I bought is to fortify and harden thin, brittle natural nails. 

Base coat is a necessary before applying nail polish, as it can reduce the chances of  nail damage from chemicals.  

According to MUA, seche vite dry fast  top coat is one of the best top coats, which not only helps the nail color lasts longer but also it can help the nail lacquer dry quickly . . 

That's why I bought a XL bottle... 4oz.. My friend thought I'm gonna to drink it..........

OPI B85- over the Taupe

It 's a very popular color because it looks quite similar to one of the Chanel limited nail lacquer "Particulière". It's not easy to find this color now and took me some time to get it...

Cannot wait to try it on~~~



  1. I've seen a couple of nail YT gurus using the Seche Vite ...i wonder how good it is!!!

  2. hi dear, may i know where you got your nails polish purchase from? thanks babe!

  3. HI, thanks for your interest in our blog. :D
    I got some of my nail lacquers from NUS bazzar (almost once per month, I can always find latest collections there) and some from a local online store (the price is affordable, 15+ per bottle, depends on the collection)
    Recently she opened a shop in buggis, I"m not sure whether she still selling nail lacquers online or not, maybe u need to mail her for details.

    I also got several bottles from OPI spree, but need to wait for a long time to get them.
    I never got any from local retailers such as metro or sephora, the price is tooooo high compare to other stores.. :D

  4. Hi, Nikki, U need to get one bottle from Seche Vite, then u will know how good it is!!!:D


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