Thursday, April 15, 2010

Makeup Brushes Review: MakeUpShow (MUS) -- Part 2

I have reviewed some face brushes from MakeUpShow (MUS) in Part 1.

Now I'm going to review the rest from the Black Walnut Series that I have, including some eyeshadow brushes, lip brush and concealer brush.

3 Eyeshadow Brushes & 1 Blending Brush

H05, H06 and H07 are three eyeshadow brushes, they are so cute that even smaller than a pen. All of them are made of sable hair.

  • H05 is the largest among the three, it has a tapered, rounded edge with very smooth hair. Its shape and function are comparable with M.A.C 239, it is to apply eyeshadow base color or overall blending.
    My skin around eye area is very thin and delicate, I feel a bit scratchy with M.A.C 239, but this one feels really smooth and comfortable.
  • H06 is smaller than H05, and the brush head is slightly harder than H06, I use it for application at eye crease area and also could be used as eyeliner brush with powder products.
  • H07 is a mini eyeshadow brush, which is for precise eyeshadow application, like inner and outer eye corner.

For normal eyeshadow application, I think two shader brushes will be enough for me, a big one to apply base color and a small one for precision application. In this case,  H05 and H07 are more than enough to do a great job for me, but most of the shader brushes are not dense enough to blend the color naturally,  a blending brush will be a must have makeup tool.

H13 Blending Brush, it has a cone-shaped tapered brush head, made with sable hair too. This shape design makes eyeshadow blending very easy. After apply shade color and  powder liner color, just simply use this brush to do a overall blending to finish up the eye makeup.

My friend used to complain about my eye makeup because when we did closeup photo shoot for EOTD, she can always see the uneven colors on my eyes :( .......haha, no more this problem now and we all love this brush.

Here are H08 Concealer Brush and H10 Eyeliner Brush.

I seldom use concealer brush as I always skip this step, but sometimes if I need a perfect look, a good concealer brush is a must have tool. This concealer brush is made of Korean synthetic, the bristle is really smooth and soft, makes much easier to apply concealer product than using finger tip.

I have reviewed this H10 Eyeliner Brush here few days ago.

H11 Lip Brush

This is a retractable lip brush, I still remember when I shown this to my friends, they were like screaming "it's sooooo cute!", yeah.... it's really cute in size, very convenient and easy to use. It's made of Korean synthetic too.

But I don't use it often, because I'm lazy to wash it every time after applying lip products.

That's all for my review on MakeUpShow brushes, they are really worth to try. 

Good quality with relative low price, what else we need?!

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  1. I am a fan of makeup brushes and I love reading brush reviews, thanks for this

  2. Thanks Nikki.
    It's actually a gift set from my friend, if you are interested, you can check out more brushes from MakeUpShow Singapore distributor, their website is They do have international shipping service.

  3. Hi

    Do you think the foundation brush will work well with cream foundation?

  4. Hi Agnes,
    I'm using Cle de peau Cream Foundation 010, you can find it in one of my posts:

    Since my skin is combination type and oily at T-zone area, so I personally prefer light cream foundation, normally I pre-mix a bit liquid makeup base (I'm using RMK makeup base) to dilute the cream foundation first, and then use brush H03 dip a bit and apply on my face gently with small circular motion.

    So far this method works very well on me, the cream foundation can be applied evenly without powdery look.

    Anyway, I will ask my friends to try out some more cream foundation from different brands, and do a review about brush H03 in these few days, please stay tuned and thanks for visiting our blog! ^_^

  5. I will stay tune :) will be great if your friend can try out on compact cream foundation

  6. Hi Agnes,
    Please find new post here:

  7. Hi,

    Can I ask if you know if these makeup brushes can be bought in HK?

  8. Hi, baby, I don't think the brushes are available in HK. But you can get from the official website:, and they do international shipping too. :D

  9. Sorry, I just realized I gave the wrong website link, it should be


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