Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swatches: Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 2010 #03 Lady amaryllis

My friend J helped me to get this Jill Stuart Blush Blossom from Hong Kong last week, it costs around 60SGD. This duo color powder blush is a new line of Jill Stuart (previously introduced here), which comes with 5 combination. I planned to get #02 previously but it was sold out in the counter. :( Picture shown above is #03 Lady Amaryllis

  • 01 Romantic Sweet Pea
  • 02 Sweet Mum
  • 03 Lady Amaryllis
  • 04 Seductive Rose
  • 05 Poetic Daisy – Limited Edition
Same as previous collection, the crystal-like packing is so feminine and it also comes with a portable brush. The brush is made of goat hair.

There is a plastic cover build in between the mirror and the blush powder, which prevents the powder flying around.

The new brush hair is slightly softer than previous 4-color mix blush collection, because loose powder is much easier to pick up than the compact powder blush. 

Small tips for heavy-handed people: gently tap the brush with the powder on before applying it to avoid too much color on your cheek. Less powder each time, as many times as you need.

#03 Lady Amaryllis is a combination of sweet shimmering baby pink and darker matt pink. The left color can be used on top of the right color to increase the glow.

Color swatches on my left arm.. 
The powder is really very fine.

Here are the partial collection of our Jill Stuart blushes(oh no~~, #06 is missing). We just love Jill Stuart blushes.. :D

Mix Blush Compact

What is  Lady Amaryllis ?


  1. My mom is going to Hk soon. After reading this post, you made me want JS blushes again! grrr. Which one would you suggest me to get? Loose powder form or the compact ones? And which color! too many choices!!

  2. Hi Zuuchini.
    It really depends on your personal liking. I just added a picture of "Mix Blush Compact" above. If you prefer light pink color, 01 is the most safe and "boring" one.

    From what I know, 06 is quite popular as it's just a simple combination of baby pink and apricot color. If you prefer more intense color, choose 09 or 10.

    Go for powder blush if you want shimmery look, while compact blush is more towards matt finish.

    Since it's not that easy for you to get JS in Canada, just buy one each, you won't regret! ^_^

  3. This is definitely on my shopping list! My bf is going to HK next term and I'm making an endless shopping list for things to ship back hahahaha I'm really liking 05 but I hope that it'll still be in stock when he gets there!
    Great post^^

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Yah, 05 limited edition is pretty but may not be easy to find. Good Luck!!

  5. Pretty! I can never find the right blush. It always looks like I have too much on and it looks uneven. Maybe I'll have to try this. I need something a little more subtle, like the shimmery glow light pink ones in these combos.


  6. Ahh very pretty! thanks for the swatch. I have the mixed compact brush, and I think it's excellent value for money considering you get 4 colours and a brush ^_^ you have a lovely JS blush collection!

  7. Awe! This swatches looks so adorable! Lovely shade!

  8. The loose blushes are so pretty! For some reason I thought these new blushes were going to be big and bulky but they look sleek. Thanks for the pictures, I'm so jealous I need to order one of these blushes!

  9. OOHHHH!!! lovely!! I never had JIll stuart make up! :( They look so nice and sleep and sophisticated :)

  10. I'm green with envy! #03 Lady Amaryllis is a gorgeous blush!!

    I mentioned the exact same thing in my post =D Nope, I have never tried Lavshuca lipsticks =[

  11. Hi "its simple love", sounds this is right for you, good luck!

    Hi "Nic Nic", second this, 4 colors compact blush is more worth the money, haha...

    Hi Anastacia, thanks! We are still planing to get 02, hope we can get it soon.

    Hi Diane, yes...it's smaller than what I thought so....very pretty!

    Hi lyah, you must try some JS make up, believe me, you won't regret!

    Hi Blair, Thanks, I envy you your beautiful Lavshuca collection too! ^_^

  12. i've been holding off on this blush but the packaging is itching for me to snatch it?

  13. Hi Mona, yes.... Who can resist this adorable packaging?? : )

  14. Gorgeous! I really wish we had easier access to JS in canada!


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