Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shu Uemura Fluorescent Fall - Winter Collection 2010

I was so attracted by the latest poster of Shu Uemera while passing by ION this evening. Shu Uemura Fluorescent makeup collection for fall–winter 2010 is a big surprise to me and it's really very colorful. The main color of this fall would be purple, as you can see from the poster. :D

I'm not sure about when it was launched in Singapore, but should be quite recent. The official launch date in Japan is 1 August. Shu Uemura released some beautiful photos with their new collection.



Eye and Cheek Palettes – Limited Edition
  • Bloom Graceful (purple and green eye shadows, soft pink blush)
  • Dreamy Petal (pink, purple, brown and gold eye shadows, red blush)
I love Bloom Graceful more than the other, especially the two purple shade.
I took some photos of the displays from the shop window, really so gorgeous!


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