Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swatches: Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes #101 Smoky Quartz

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes #101 Smoky Quartz is a limited edition of this serious (Crystal Eyes), which was previously restricted to Taiwan market only and now it is available in other areas. I happened to get one from Taiwan (NT1300), which is my first eye shadow palette from Jill Stuart. ^ ^

The packaging is as gorgeous as always, which reminders me of my fairytale princess dream when I was a little girl. I love the Jill stuart packaging more than Anna Sui, although their styles are similar.

This quad is mainly a combination of pink and brown, I really love the combination. The highlight color is pinkish white, very pigmented, the liner color is glittery black. The two main colors are light plum pink and brown, maybe mud is more precise.

I've heard some drawbacks regarding the glitter fallout problem, people complains they always end up with glitters all over the face after application. I encountered this problem a bit but it doesn't effect my addiction to JS products, always try to use eyeshadow insurance/primer beforehand or use it wet to minimize the fallout problem.

I've to admit that the palette is really beautiful.....

without flash:

with flash:


  1. The packaging is stunning and i love the swatches. The colors look so vivid:-)

  2. the packaging is really lovely and girly =D!!

    JS' products always have gorgeous packaging ♥

  3. Ahhhh oh JS! The princessy packaging gets me everytime heheh :)

  4. the packaging is stunning... too pretty to swatch. and the pigmentation seems amazing - not too (overly) shimmey. is there much fall out from JS shadows? this tends to be the case for some of asian brands. just subcribed to you awesome blog. xo

  5. @fayu lu review, thanks for stopping by our blog. The fall out is tolerable compared to previous JS shadows. It would be much much better applying eyeshadow primers.

  6. I love this stuff, I haven't seen a single stretch mark on my body and I'm now 8months pregnant and it doesn't smell gross like all the other leading brands.

  7. Wow! How cute that is! And the colours so pretty!


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