Saturday, October 9, 2010

Swatches: Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 2010 #02 Sweet Mum

A new member just joined in our Jill Stuart collection today, Blush Blossom 2010 #02 Sweet Mum. Remember I mentioned about 02 Sweet Mum in our previous Jill Stuart Post #03 Lady Amaryllis, but it was sold out in Hong Kong counter. Luckily my friend J managed to get it this time round.

02 Sweet Mum is a combination of shimmery peachy orange and matt soft pink.

Color swatches on my arm:

The new brush is softer than previous 4-color mix blush collection, because loose powder is much easier to be picked up than compact powder.

I prefer 02 Sweet Mum more than 03 Lady Amaryllis because these two colors can be used separately. You can choose either orange or pink blush to match with your eye makeup.

At first, I thought the orange color can be used as bronzing powder, but after swatching I found it is too sparkling to be used to contour the face. I don't want my whole face to be glowing...


  1. Wow this is a very pretty compact! Love the way it looks! Looks dainty:-)

  2. Looks pretty! I noticed the mix compact blush's brush is quite harsh on the skin. Glad to hear they changed that.

  3. the packaging is sooo lovely as always >_<

    fortunately I have been immune to Jill Stuart cosmetics =P

  4. Thanks MINAKICHU & Nic Nic!

    ♥ Pixie D ♥ s, lucky you! how did you do that?

  5. so girly shades! looks very pretty!

  6. 02 Sweet Mum is such a funny name! Is there such a flower?

    I rather like 05 Poetic Daisy's combination.. if only I can still find it... hahaha

  7. uuuu i have the 01 romantic sweet pea! in babypink! its posted in my facebook for swatches & FOTD

    can you do a FOTD with sweet mum? am keen on the orange shade~!!

    jillstuart has jilted my heart once again♥♥♥

    although the packagin is rather *thick this time round...but my makeup pouch is roomy!

  8. Hi stellarvixen,

    I tried to take picture for the FOTD with sweet mum, but could barely see it in the picture. You can take above swatch on my arm as reference.

  9. May I ask what your skintone is, approximately?

  10. Hi Agmini, sorry for my late reply.
    My skin tone is pretty fair and it tends to red sometimes.
    I normally use the lightest shade for most of the foundations.


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