Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Scholl QttO Gradual Compression Stockings for Sleeping

Local store Watson launched this Scholl QttO Gradual Compression Stockings for Sleeping about one month ago. It claims that "gradual compression while sleeping, for instant lighter & slimmer looking legs the next day!" OMG, who can resist the word "slimmer looking legs" if you think your legs are not perfect enough. What's why I bought it and I have been wore it for a month.

It's selling at Watson @ SGD46.9, about 34USD. It's quite pricey for a pair of stoking I think. I still decided to give it a try since it's from UK brand Scholl, which is famous on all the footwear products.

The concept of this sleeping stocking is based on compression therapy. It supports the entire leg with low compression levels, which are set in accordance with the UK's pressure standards. Ideal for relief of tired, swollen legs, while achieving toned and slimmer looking legs. My legs always get swollen in the late afternoon and I can feel my shoes become very tight. I don't really believe my legs will get slimmer but I just hoped it can help to relief my swollen legs.

The picture above shows how to wear the stocking. It's just like wearing normal stocking, but toe-less. This design is to release heat during sleep. The ankle area is designed flat, making it suitable for the sleeping position.

Lavender color facilitates sound sleep,it's also my favorite color. The materiel is cotton fabric, I feel very conformable and do not have any itchy or breathless feeling at all. It's a bit tight in the first few days, but I got to used to it after 3,4 days. are my "elephant legs at night".....

Willing to know the result after wearing them for 23 days?
I measured and recorded my calf circumference in mm everyday before I sleep and in the next morning. I did a excel chart to show the result.

Red line: my left calf size measured at night
Blue: my right calf size measured at night
Purple: my left calf size measured in the next morning
Green: my right calf size measured in the next morning

You can see that my left calf is slightly bigger than my right calf, I didn't know about this before I did the measuring. I think that should be normal as my feet are also different in size.

My calf size generally reduced in the next morning after wearing the stockings to sleep, and I do feel my shoes are not tight in the later afternoon as before. It does really help in relieving swollen legs. It's obvious that my legs are slimmer in the morning, I think it helps to get rid of the water retention,but not like what I wished to reduce the fats. 8)

All in all, it worth trying if you have same problem as mine. 
Good Luck!



  1. what a cute experiment! :D i really like the colour of the stockings! it looks so relaxing!

  2. Thanks P Chan.
    But it's still a bit hot to wear to sleep in Singapore, unless you sleep in an air-conditioning room everyday.

  3. did u buy the M or L size?
    i have problems choosing the size.i tried L but i dont feel the tightness.I bought M,but i do not feel tight too(though I have big thigh).im afraid the stocking is stretched to an extent that it becomes too thin to produce the effect=(

  4. Hi jayne8998, I got M size. I think it shouldn't be too tight, otherwise it's not comfortable to wear to sleep.
    It's getting loser and loser after you wear for few days but come back to original after you wash it.

  5. It's always been tough for me to find correct fitting compression stockings. I've found the best solution is to just try them on in the stores, then buy them online.

  6. u meant cm and not mm? how can ur calf circumference be 36mm = 3.6cm?

  7. Hihi, I think it should be a typo... It should be 36cm rather than 36mm.. :D

  8. so the stockings only help for the night that you wear them? Do your legs go back to normal if you stop wearing them??

  9. It was a very wonderful compression stocking besides it was so fashionable and it can be use as fashion stocking on school and outdoor activities. I wonder if boys could use it also.

  10. your legs goes back to normal after each day. i believe thats nature course, human do expand in the day, which makes ur legs bigger and contract at night. it doest slim down at all. but according to you, it does help in relieving pain :)

  11. do anyone knows where can buy pretty sleep stocking in sg ?


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