Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lunasol Summer 2010 Swatches: EX02 Nature Summer Beige

Beach in the summer, with golden sand and soft wind....

I got this Lunasol Nature Summer Beige palette yesterday, it is from Lunasol Summer 2010 collection. It's a natural beige palette with beautiful shimmery, suitable for daily natural look.

Introduction from Lunasol website:

The moment the four-color eye shadow palette is opened, sensations of sun-soaked seas and a dazzling sandy beach are released.
Layered colors adorn the gaze in tonal gradations with a moist luster, bestowing the final touches to elegantly composed summery eyes with delicate shades.

Closer look: 

Swatches on my arm:


  1. this is a such a pretty summer palette!! thanks for sharing :D

  2. Oh my goodness, so shimmery and glowy. Beautiful photos. :)

  3. gorgeous~ Thanks sooo much for the swatches. too bad it's sold out on the websites i buy my makeup.

  4. Love the colors. those are the shade I wear.


  5. Thanks girls, I don't have any opportunity to try it on my eyes yet. Will definitely post a EOTD later.

    Hi Popcorn, I got it from his online store, about 54USD.(


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