Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mook: Paul & Joe 15th Anniversary Special Issue 2011

Paul & Joe 15th Anniversary Special Issue has arrived at Singapore last week. I got this copy from Kinokuniya at SGD31.5, you can get 10% off discount if you are Kinoluniya card member. I love all the Paul & Joe products and I've been waiting for this mook for couple of weeks. I was so happy when I passed by the store and saw they are finally available here.

The quality is much better than I expected, I was a bit disappointed with Jill Stuart makeup pouch in the mook last time. Obviously this bag is well made with much better details. The spring flora print is so pretty.  

The size is H32cm x W47cm x D13cm, above picture shows how big it is compare to an A4 size magazine.

Inside is lovely pink color with a small pocket.

 My cute "monster" is carrying the bag, how's the look? :D

The bag is carried by the model.

Some looks from spring/ summer 2011 collection:

Bag, Pouch and Accessories:

Spring/ summer 2001 makeup collection:


  1. Hi guys! Feel like I haven't read your blog for absolutely ages...! I have been revising like a crazy since December. Thankfully exams are over now but I will find my results out this week - if I failed then you probably won't see me comment again for a while... =_=

    Ahh thanks for sharing the inside of the mook with us!! Everything is so pretty and feminine, but I guess that's totally P&J's style! In a way it would be great to see them do different looks, but I guess their selling point is that it's pretty, girly and wearable? =D It's good that the quality of the bag is nice. And I *love* the monster!!

  2. Hi Jian, nice to see you here again! Don't worry, you didn't miss too much because both Xian and me were quite busy with our work and study, that's why we didn't blog much recently.

    I'm carrying this bag to work with good mood today (although today is Monday), just that the "plastic" smell is a bit too strong, hope it will be better after few days.

    I'm sure you will pass all your exams, you are such a hard working girl, hope to hear the good news from you soon! ^_^ Take care!

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    I love to have new blogger friends and feedback!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

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  5. Hi "anti aging eye creams", you got an interesting nick name, ^_^. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Thanks "Keyla M. Rosas R.", I followed your blog...


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