Saturday, November 6, 2010

NARS Limited Edition: The Bento Box Set for Holiday 2010

In November, NARS Cosmetics will be introducing the Bento Box Set, a limited edition set of Kabuki lip color inspired by the traditional Japanese theater of the same name. 

The Bento Set is so unique that the new lipsticks are in two Kabuki cups. The Japaneses style lip brush looks very special too, its handle wrapped in Wisteria. 

Maiko is a vivid red, Sakura is a bright pink. 

The set will be available November 1 for $125 at NARS. You can get on the waiting list for the set now, because only one thousand sets were made for the United States, and just over two thousand were created worldwide.

Enjoy your shopping.... :D 


  1. Wow such exquisite looking makeup,it's like an art itself:-)

  2. Wow. That a great collector's item!

  3. Yes,they look really fantastic, but I think $125 is not cheap at all..

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