Friday, March 11, 2011

EOTD: Nars Eyeshadow duo - Kuala Lumpur

Spring is coming....
Nars Kuala Lumpur is Spring collection of Nars, 2010. It's rose gold and wild berry mix. I got this palette more than half year ago, yet it's the first time that I did an EOTD. I did swatches for this DUO and compare to other similar Nars and Lunasol eyeshadow palettes (here).

 Products I used for this Eotd are:
  • Nars Kuala Lumpur eyeshadow Duo
  • Nars Night Porter
  • Kiss me eyeliner (black)
  • Ardell falses (luckies)
  • Neo contact lens

How it looks with color contact lens

I'm playing iphone app Lomolomo recently. We can select different cameras and lenses for different effects. It makes shooting pics more fun! Try it!


  1. Wow, the pink with the pretty pop of green really accentuates the eyes! =D Love it! Must really try this. I still haven't managed to succeed in pulling pink shadow off yet, I think this is the way to do it!

    Ahh, well I'm glad to see you are back and less busy now (presumably?). The results are out, and thankfully I passed. ^^ *Whew* Aww, you flatter me, I don't really study that hard. I'm sure I could study more :(, much more!

  2. Very pretty look! That eyeshadow duo is really pretty :D

  3. I really enjoy looking at your eotd! you never fail to impress me. so pretty :D xx

  4. New to your blog, and wow there are so many pretty looks!

  5. Love the color combi!!
    Can you also share where to get the NEO lens? I've been eyeing on them.

  6. Hi girl, really pretty eye look :) actually u shall do more face of the day, you have charisma and is photogenic :)

    can i know if you are using Giogio armani, cle de peau or chantecaille for this look? hope you can do more face look, will surely complete your pretty face :)

  7. @Jian, I'm so happy that you passed!! As what you said, same here.. I'm not that busy, just little bit lazy...I could have done my work more efficient, but I just chose not, ya, I'm lazy.... -_-||| I wish I could post more...

  8. Hi,Angelique, thanks for your comments. It's really a very pretty duo..:D

  9. Hi, Locke, thanks for stopping by.. :D

  10. Hi, May @ Rad, thanks to the falsies and the lens, they helped a lot on the look.:D

  11. HI, Kayii, thanks for stopping by, hope you will love our blog. Xoxo

  12. Hi, Enaj, I got it from an online store (there is no retailer in Singapore):
    I'm not sure abt the price compared to other online stores. It offers international shipping and I can receive the lens within one week..

  13. Hi, sweetjan79, thanks for your encouragement, it is so sweet. The foundation I used for the look is chantecaille compressed powder.

  14. such pretty makeup :)

  15. Hi dear,hope to see your new update soon :) can i ask for the sunscreen you bought in skincarerx, which provider do you use e.g. borderless, vpost or? what type of credit card do you use ? like to order the elta sunscreen you recommend, thanks so much.

    have you ordered from sephora before? i heard they only accept USA based credit card and need concierge service for that and that means extra charge , ai ya.

    thanks keep your photo coming lei. :PP

  16. Thanks Michelle!!

    Hi Tiffany,
    Sorry to reply you so late. I used Vpost to ship the sunscreen back, I can't remember which credit card I used, should be either UOB or DBS.
    I didn't order any recently, maybe they changed policy?

    I never ordered from sephora before. how's the price?

  17. You look beautiful. :)

    Nars duo's are so yummy, and I especially love their names! Ha ha ~

  18. That's really pretty. It makes me want to collect NARS eyeshadows! I don't have that many...


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